Major Causes of Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion has been a major challenge in many countries. There are so many causes of traffic congestion in many countries. Some of the main causes are:

1. Availability of many cars on the roadway. The cars may be as a result of inadequate mass travel options to carry so many people at the same time. These cars may block the road thus causing traffic congestion.

2. Another reason for traffic congestion is the existence of some obstacles on the roadway which may cause a merger or blockage. Some of the things which may block the road are:

Double parking

Roadworks – when constructing a road or doing a repair the roadway may be reduced thus causing traffic congestion since if the vehicles were using two-way traffic road may be using one way. Sometimes the lanes of the road may be closed due to damage such large holes on the road or slippery road which may causes accidents. A road may narrow down at some point. Blockage of the road may also occur when there is an accident on the road. This may reduce the speed at which traffic flows thus causing traffic congestion.

3. Another thing that may cause traffic congestion is the pedestrians. Sometimes too many pedestrians may be crossing the road and not allowing plenty of time for the cars to move on.

4. Too many trucks on the road may also cause traffic congestion. Some of the trucks may be too long for the small cars to easily overtake them. Some of them may also take time to turn especially in sharp corners.

5. The inadequacy of the road system may also cause traffic congestion. Even if the mass system is developed the roadway may be too small to accommodate the mass transit system. This may cause the vehicles to be over-crowded in such a small roadway.

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